From: Martha (Staff of American Embassy in Jakarta)
Dear Pak Yomie,
I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for a wonderful trip. Vincent, Troy and I had a wonderful time and have many great memories that will stay with us.
Pak, I also want to let you know that Pak Mawardi was a fantastic guide for us - so friendly, so full of knowledge and so willing to help us have the experience that we wanted. He is so talented and professional. Thank you so much for making him our leader for the weekend.
Captain Yopie and Chef Aris were wonderful "teammates" as well. Your brother is a really great captain, and so friendly and always "in command". Pak Aris really is the best cook - we are crying back in Jakarta without his sambal terasi....
Pak, I am cc'ing Pak Troy who lives here in Jakarta. I have a feeling you will be seeing him again soon. I hope to see you again as well but it is further from Washington :-)
Thank you again, pak.

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